Days of the week and market deals/sales

Days of the week and market deals/sales
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What if world of magic followed a week System, meaning after every 10 minutes (roughly the time of one in game day) a new day would begin, following the same order as real life, Monday through Sunday.

Details/background on your proposal

So you’re probably wondering, what’s so special about a week System?

Well, I believe on some days, in major Cities, markets or enchanting alchemists could have sales or bargains, making their prices cheaper for a limited time, or these places of marketing could also sell rare items on some weeks, before disappearing, the town and day that sales come is random, but in the news it would tell you where a sale is happening.

Bad rep merchants can also have deals, however you have to visit bandit camps or other criminals in order to know where the latest sale is, as they don’t appear in the news.

There could also he other events, but I can’t think of anything lol.

Reason to add

This would be a fun way to save crowns and explore the map, as the towns that have these deals are completely random, and the day they have them is random too.

The part about prices randomly changing is probably already planned since it was a thing in AA.

Yes, I agree to add this, since in the world of magic it is impossible to know when an NPC will start working, since there are different times for each server, or he works at night, during the day, etc., and that will be fine more fun.

in AO npcs won’t have a work schedule at all

But they could still have sales at random


Maybe sunken items can be on sale too, but only very rarely, plus they are ridiculously expensive

I guess us bad reps can go die :frpensive:

Oh no worries, wanted can also have sales, but they’re harder to find.

Do note that World of Magic is no longer being continued, and instead being revamped into Arcane Odyssey a “true sequel” to Arcane Adventures.

This wouldn’t work since the idea of cities are being removed due to AO (Arcane Odyssey) being changed to a mainly an sea-based exploration/action game. Main land wouldn’t be present in this game because of this. And just changing it to be randomized to islands would be too annoying and players might probably need to go 15 minutes across the map to just get there only for the sale offer to be over.

I think having sales is a neat idea but the thing with days and having to visit bandit camps to learn about them is too complex for such a small feature

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