✋ decent AS pee vee pee people pls [The Resolution]

Guild Name: The Resolution
Guild Status: Neutral bc rep is scrapped lol
Guild Owner: Ezekiel Booth

Infernoferno made this improved logo, credit to him

:shadow_magic: **In Light, There is Darkness. In Shadows there is Purity **:light_magic_var1:

We have been a Guild since around Open test 3, this Guild will not falter unlike the others

A Very Casual Environment, not a lot of tryhards ok

We are a smaller guild that strives to improve ever more, we welcome players of all reputations and skill levels to join us on our Path of Truth

This is the Path of Truth, We will not stray or falter along this path, Many people see this Path as Genocidal, Mad, Insane, Forsaken, but it is the Truth, the Truth of Magius and the realm, yes, there will be deaths and sacrifices, but it is those that we are willing to make

We are The Resolution of Magius, and to Eternity we shall Persist

-WoM Giveaways :gift:

-Helpful Community :grinning:
We have a relatively active community that will guide you through any questions you may ask!
This isn’t just a guild for battle, its a guild to meet others, socialize, and have fun. Because what’s the point of playing WoM if you are not having fun.

-Seperated into 4 “Quarters”, Which are essentially divisions, Each Specializing in their own aspect :don’t got a emoji:

The Victorious- The Main Battle Force
The Harvest- The ones responsible for delivering crowns and items to the guild
The True-An Semi-elite group of assassins and diplomats
The Completion- [REDACTED]

-Trades, Item Requests, Loans, and Much More!

-Semi-Weekly Tourneys, with a reward pool increasing to how much people participate

-Semi-Daily Events!

-Private PvP Training :nod:

-Guild Boss Hunts

Compared to larger guilds, all of the people within this guild would get attention, with each player being vital to the guild.

There are no real requirements to join this server, the main being-
1-Discord account must be at least 1 Month old
2-Roblox account must be at least 1 Month old
4-Above the Discord TOS (13+)
5-Level 50+
Thats all, and most importantly, Enjoy Yourselves

If you wish to form an alliance, DM me, we shall always welcome the alliances of others
My Discord tag: Eternal_Truth#4221

Some Lore
In the Age of the Seven Seas, there was a wizard, an Equinox Mutation User, He looked into the origins of Shadows and Light, and researched about the origins of creation, of the forces of Light and Darkness.
At one point, he saw it, a Path to Salvation, A Journey of Truth, he wrote it in a large tome and hid it away, casting it into the magic infested oceans, for it to evolve into something else, when it did, he would retrieve it.

He never did, he was killed after the blast of durza’s power destroyed him

[Lore here will be revamped soon]
Y2985, Present Day
A Fisherman spotted a peculiar book beached up on the shores, after negotiating with a group of wizards, he sold the book for 1,000,000 Crowns, as the fisherman prepared for a life of luxury, he was incinerated by a powerful blast that engulfed his home.


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