Deciding to make an excel spreadsheet on cooking

We should get all the chefs we can together, I know all the recipes in the game right now, from giant mushroom soup to fish spaghetti to the mighty hoagie.

Plus with a bit of artistic flair, I’m pretty sure all us chefs can make an Arcane Odyssey Cookbook to distribute throughout the place- well hey isn’t there even a cooking association clan?

thanks for contribution :heart:

i wouldn’t mind setting up a discord/being invited to one, but i’m already the leader of my own clan

Ahh, I didn’t mean to say we should all join, I’m just saying that they might also know a thing or two (the cooking clan). I know most of the recipes in the game as of right now- including the sacred Giant Soup recipe that most do not know. In this, I can help contribute, though it is no much. Go ImUtsu, build the ultimate cooking book:

I’ll update this when I have more time.

There are also alternative names for some food. The Fish platters are all interchangeable, changing their name to Salmon/Shark/Squid based on ingredients but they are functionally the same food.

Fish Patty: Small Fish (Only)
Simmered Mushroom: Smalll Mushroom (Only)
Cooked Fruit: Fruit (Only)
Bread: 1 Wheat
Baugette: 3 Wheat

Small Pie: Pumpkin + Ingredients
Large Pie: 2 Pumpkins + Ingredients
Stew: Mushroom + Ingredients (Fish or Mushroom)
Large Stew: 2 Large Mushrooms + Ingredients (Fish or Mushroom)
Simmered Fruit: Fruit + Ingredients (Mushroom or Fruit)
Balanced meal: Fruit + Mushroom + Fish (Unsure if adding additional fish will change recipe)
Giant Fruit & Mushroom Meal: 2 Big Mushrooms + Fruit

Grilled Fish: Medium Fish+
Fish Combo: 2 Fish
Fish Dinner: 3 Fish
Fish Buffet: 4 Fish

Spaghetti: Wheat + Fruit
Hoagie: Wheat + 3 of the same food type.
Breadsticks: 3 Wheat + 1 Tomato

I am certain on most of these aside the wheat ones, this is almost all of them but not 100% complete, I will try to update this later if I find time.

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the giant soup seems to be curiously missing from this list. . .

Sorry called it ‘large stew’ on the list. Guess I was just not ready to part with this sacred knowledge.

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what constitutes a large mushroom, is it just swiftcaps and greencaps?

greencaps are the only mushroom I got this to work with.

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spaghetti can be made with 4 wheat, 3 wheat and 1 tomato will just give you breadsticks iirc

1 wheat and 1 tomato makes da spaghetti.


The breadsticks are real…

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Misleading information right here

Screen Shot 2023-03-14 at 19.36.29

It’s not exactly clear, but when I tried to make a mushroom meal with horizon rosemary + Orange swift caps it made a mistake. I wonder if certain buffs just don’t go together?

Oh and in case you didn’t notice, I did a small update to my list of recipes, I think I truly have them all now.

I think it’s just if the ingredient has a single, unique effect to it, putting two different ones together creates a mistake.

yes i’ve since figured out you can make that but it seems to be more based on the types of buffs you get instead of it just being a hard limit

(that entire section of the document is pretty outdated, my bad)

I’ve revamped the document, excluding the “Food/Seasoning Info” sheet.
Let me know your thoughts and suggestions on the new format. Feedback’s always appreciated.