Defensive or Offensive, which is better in pvp for plasma?

question above these


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answer properly buddy :skull:

plasmasive = both

so 806 hp and 150 dmg each hit is balanced for plasma?

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Definitely offensive. Plasma’s stats were slightly changed in AO so it now benefits more from a more aggressive play style (it has higher damage, but its DoT was reduced from 5s to 3s). It’s also decently fast (fastest heat/DoT) magic which I think would be good for pressure on opponents.

Oh you meant gear build, not play style

Not really sure in that case

so should i just get more hp or dmg

I recommend at least 900 health plasma, less in damage. I use a regular meta build with a powerful sc which gives 931 health, some size and i forgot the damage but its pretty good

860 :muscle:


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shouldn’t play defensively unless your magic is slow

offensive. I fought a 806 hp plasma user with casting speed and he was 4-blasting and dodging around. Honestly he was quite good. I lost.

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Did he happen to own a guild called Dominatus and/or have the in-game-name of Gary

maybe? He was in a guild and his plasma was red

hmm then imma switch to a hard strength amulet

no why would you use strength

bc i want to have some extra dmg for my oathkeeper and theres no gud amulet left i can use, im using hard def amulet and powerful power amulet along with a powerful enchant wizard rob set man

Don’t use oathkeeper it is so bad