Descent in the game

I’m really confused as to how you can become “Castilen descent” in order to buy some of the armors, what does that mean?

Your descent is decided randomly when you create the character. It cannot be changed.

“Castlian” is one of the cultures currently in the game, the others being Alalean and Vistarian.
Your culture is decided by RNG when you create a character.
Each culture has its own weapons and armor that they can use.

Bruh the castilen stuff is so much better

They’re pretty balanced in terms of stats. I do agree Castlian stuff is very pretty though.

well i mean all the race exclusive stuff is pretty much the best items in game, some being better or worse than others. however, once theres more items added then the race exclusive items wont really be as important as items you find in the wilderness or get from bosses and whatnot