Describe your main file’s personality in WOM

General description
  • I am devoting my life to eliminating the very idea of evil
  • I am the very model of peace and justice
  • All criminals should be left to rot
  • I do good deeds every now and then
  • I do whatever I have to
  • I break a window every now and then
  • Screw the MC
  • I am always on the run
  • I am a regular at the Hidden Tavern
  • Screw the law, everyone involved in it should go jump off a cliff

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These are just general but reply if you have a specific attitude for your character hehe.

my main file is my main file.

my third file is legit a crusader.

my second file is level 1 (I kinda intend to use him to experience TGR as it was intended)

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Hehe I see.

I am the very picture of a decent woman.

Hehe nice.

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I do whatever I have to do to get past my depression.


Ben Lamina - hehe look at this new thing I found / EVERYONE CALM THE FUCK DOWN I’M JUST CHILLING
Tracy Stone - ben lamina but with more good rep quests and less slacking off
Reinhardt Rust - “my crimes are my experiments”

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Everyone has that one bad rep character hehe.

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token bad rep man

even if my file’s stories won’t make it to the OC storyline I’m working on

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I would have drawn an epic battle I had against a wind mc captain inside a tornado earlier if I made comics about my character hehe.

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Fisting teenagers and children ain’t that bad

My first file is a crusader of justice, peace, and the enemy of all evil

My second file is some guy who has no idea what he is doing, and just wants to chill

My third file is a literal fucking psychopath, who finds enjoyment in massacring whole villages.

Guess which one is the most fun to play with.

“Last Clap”


Yeeeeep. Thankfully, I have everything I want, so doing it is always fun, and pretty much the only enjoyment I get anymore.

Noire Ketch ( Last name might change ) is my main file. A quiet traveller with a lore of having to record the names of those who died in his travels as a way to let them know that they wont be forgotten for as long as the book exists.

Even if he we’re to die, he’ll give the book to a successor in hopes that the next person will be the one to do the job for him and of course also have his name written in the book.

Also a part-time merchant since he still need money when travelling considering he doesn’t have a permanent source of income.

me on minecraft when i was 8

And you probs dont kill your dog and even regret it once you accidently killed it.

when i was 8 i would play on the xbox 360 and u could exit minecraft without saving B)