Destruction Or Resistance

Basically im trying to choose which one of those 2 to use for my focus move on thermo fist

I know absolutely nothing. Choose destruction because more damage is fun

thats what i put as a place holder

good good.

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Destruction increases the size and and destruction of attacks, power is what increases damage

and resistance decreases damage?

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Resistance increases health

it increases your Resistance

about the focus, Thermo fist resistance has around 15,5% damage reduction without intensity while destruction increases your Size attack by unknown amount

I’d just go speed for faster and longer range crashes, slashes, and shots.

what the hell kind of necropost is this, resistance does increase health, that’s what it does. stop being a smart-ass so unnecessarily

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I’ve made a breaktrough of how Resistance work in the comments, you are welcome to read the information under answers

Resistance, I hate holes.

made a post called “Aura/Focus Resistance for each fighting styles”
Have fun reading it

that’s just advertising, completely unecessary.


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