Devil fruits or Curses

This is my first time making a topic… So… go hard on me.

This is just a simple question, which is better, Devil Fruits from One Piece or Curses and explain why all.

curses cause it’s technically possible to get more than one without needing a specific type


curses all the way, they’re far more powerful than most devil fruits on average

How so?

i’m just judging based off of what i’ve seen and heard. i haven’t really watched a whole lot of one piece compared to others.

But from what i’ve heard with curses, they’re supposed to be a major power boost. Only things that can kill them are either other curse users or exceptionally strong wizards (since AO came in that also includes really powerful & awakened beserkers & warriors, along with people who have devourers.)

Curses also give immunity to anything that doesn’t have magic on a base level. not every devil fruit gives immunity to something like that.

Then there’s some notable curse users who managed to obtain extreme levels of power, including Durza (nuked the world twice w/ absorption curse) and Freedrock (puts dream’s luck to shame, and is theoretically the strongest human in the world as a result)
old torren isn’t canon, he was pretty stinky either way

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Curses for sure.
Atleast those would still allow me to touch water without dying.



curse users in ao dies from touching seawater because its filled with magic from durza’s super mega blast

if that wasn’t the case, curse users can swim just fine

The only reason they die is due to the radiation from Durza, after that dissipates then there’s no danger.

Devil fruit users can’t even handle normal water iirc, anything above knee height starts side effects

haha beat you to it

Nuh uh

ok thats cool but it is the case so you’d still die

if i got a curse in anywhere other than arcane verse id be eating good

damn sucks that they only exist in the arcane verse then :pensive:


the magic seawater is only temporary though (just gotta wait a few thousand years until it dissipates :grin:)

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me and the boys waiting until wom so we can go to the beach


It’s just anything related to sea water in general. They can have anything water-like just fine, otherwise they’d die of thirst. Liquids are only a problem for crocodile, because he can’t turn into sand when he’s wet.

oh yeah also immortality

It’s all water, Luffy was feeling bad while in the sauna with Aokiji. I assume it has to be water you can stand in otherwise rain/big waves would just wipe out fruit users