Did I run into a cheater or am I misunderstanding some game mechanic?

I was fighting someone 2v1 on WOM for a few rounds, just messing about with a friend, and then I started to notice something. No matter how hard I hit them, if they got low they healed like, insanely quick. The one bout that made me call it quits was when I dropped them to the 120 range, missed my last shot and died, and then when my body hit the ground, I saw they had 500 health. Healing 380 health in 3 seconds (with a max of 890).

I have 1,100 health and I don’t heal even a quarter as fast as they seemed to. I’m not really a pvp officianado so I’m curious about this? Do you just heal way faster if you have less max hp?

User was BenevolentKaiser if this actually turns into something, which I doubt considering my general lack of pvp knowledge.

no, healing’s based on a percentage of your max health iirc

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you gain health after killing people, so that’s why his hp went up right after you died


you heal like 30% (not sure about the exact percentage) of your hp when you kill someone so no cheating happened here

good thing bro admitted there was a possibility he was just unaware of the mechanic before he called hacks

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