Did you know Vetex had a Twitch?

he is streaming spiderman game rn
go watch vetex stream

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I can’t tell if you just made a Twitch account trying to look like Vetex or if it actually is real.


its linked to his roblox account

It’s linked to his discord account


oh shoot its on his roblox account


Vetex is done streaming :pensive:


Yes, actually! I used to watch his dev streams back when AA was still being developed, I still have my favorite clip saved from one of his moments when developing the durandal


This clip will ALWAYS be a fucking classic. I even have the OG posting of it on the forums in my bookmarks.

yeah, he used to stream while working on AA for a brief period

… ok cool someone said that already

jokes on you i already got all trophys on that game

that’s where he streamed himself working on AS before
apparently he did it with AA too but I don’t think I noticed at the time

…or im just remembering wrong and assumed it was AS streams because the game was made around that time

I finally have a reason to go on twitch

he is streaming again

waiting for them AO Streams…

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