Discussion about... Farming!

I made this post a couple minutes ago, and it was closed since it counted as a suggestion and the suggestions category was closed.
This post rn should technically count as game discussion (mods please dont kill me, i just want to discuss about the idea)
What are your thoughts?

  • Stupid, Why Would You Make This
  • Yes, Very Cool

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:frpensive: hi


You should make a “meh” choice

don’t think it should be affected by magic at all but very good idea

voting is too polarizing
it’s not stupid but it doesn’t really fit in an island based game


Mehhh idk…maybe stealing crops from farms might be a better feature

I didn’t read the whole suggestion, but from what I read here’s my thoughts:
I don’t really see any solid advantages to this system since it seems less efficient than simply picking up the food that’s already highly accessible around you. Some aspects of it felt pretty limiting too. A few possible ways to make it more viable is have grown foods increase the buffs of the food when eaten raw/fresh but the same buffs as wild foods when cooked in a meal, depending on your gardening level. Also plant pots since there are way too many disadvantages to limiting it to islands with fertile soil. Also, definitely reduce the growth time to AT MOST one day, since that’s already a whole 20 minutes.

Mantaining your crop and attending to it seems like too much work, since there are already a few decent drawbacks to it;

  • Takes a lot of time to grow plants. Way too much time than it seems to be worth
  • you need to be both on a fertile island and near your plant to make sure it grows properly, meaning you can’t explore while gardening and you’d need to return back to ur plan’t island eventually
  • Things like plant happiness and plant fighting back don’t really suit AO’s professions IMO. With cooking you can virtually do it anywhere, food doesn’t take long to make, and it’s a typically simple process. little inconvenience, big convenience. I just don’t see enough convenience in gardening for it to be worthwhile
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no changes to boss farming :nod:

Oh, you actually dont need to take the time to grow plants, just make a farm plot and plant em.
Its based off of DST’s system, where youre allowed to just plant a crop and have it grow without much work
All the additional stuff, like watering, happiness, etc, are all optional if you want to get even better crops

I love pot from plants vs zombies :pray:

ALSO WHAT THEYRE 20 MINUTES?!?! Bro i thought days were like 10 minutes each or something pff

A farming system may distract players from the main point of the game though, and it isn’t really necessary.

Didn’t Vetex say that there’s no Main Point to the game and that it’s an experience with many points to it

I was kinda trying to say that the game isn’t really about farming. I mean it could be in the game I guess.

Can’t wait for Vetex to release Stardew Valley: Roblox Edition.

scythes are cooler when used to kill people than to cut wheat


The Exileds OatKeeper would beg to differ


Exiled enjoys a bowl of these after each battle with the Minotaur