Discussion: how boring is lore in video games

not just wom, just other games
ok poll

Which one is you?
  • I really enjoy lore in video games and end up thinking about it than actually playing the game
  • Lore in video games is good and it draws me closer to the game
  • Lore in a game is alright but I don’t care about it
  • Lore in a video game bores me and makes me want to play less when it’s shoved in my face
  • Lore in a video game makes me not want to play it because I just want to play the game

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yeah so im kind of the last option
yeah yeah lore makes the story a story but tbh man i just want to commit genocide and not listen to a 10 page essay on Yoda’s dick size or smt

lore bores me. what about u guys

ez kid ez kid get poll’d on u so bad ez ez

Only time I really cared about lore is from the older halo games and like black op zombies easter eggs.

lore is really interesting if done right, otherwise its boring. Hollow knight has good lore, and i like that game a lot, and the lore definitely adds onto the experience. games don’t have to have a deeper story. Some games might not even really have a story but just random bits that the player is supposed to tie together, which is what minecraft does.

I really like games that have lore but the people who play the games don’t really the whole backstory. I just love it when there’s bits and pieces of the game’s world but there’s not really enough to figure out how to the puzzle creates the picture. It really makes players wonder even more about how the story really came to be.

world-building and lore are really important to a lot of games. it makes you feel way more immersed. some people may find it more interesting then others but without it the world can fall flat.