Disguise Changes

Disguise Changes
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Disguises no longer are automatically applied when going to islands such as Ravenna, and are instead able to be equipped whenever. Disguises act as a way of hiding your username and name possibly? You will also be able to customize the accessories that are applied/taken off when putting on your disguise, so then you can still have drip while having a disguise on. Disguises may also be able to work for hiding from certain npcs such as marines and maybe even hero npcs (as they would technically not know who you are)

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shouldnt hide information such as username and stuff b/c exploiters


Yeah that’s true, I agree.

would be abused

Forget about the change name part, pretend it never existed

if anything negative reps should be able to use them to talk and explore positive rep areas although areas like silverhold are out of the question


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