DM Sabo#7529


1x Pulsar
1x Strong
1x Axe-Slash
4x Hard
2x Lucky
2x Luring
2x Amplified
1x Nimble
2x Sturdy

**1x Sunken Sword(Strong)(lvl 120)**
1x Triasta(lvl 110)
1x Kai Sabre(lvl 120)
1x Kai Sabre(Swift)(lvl 120)
1x Kai Sabre(Bursting)(lvl 120)
1x Stormcaller(Bursting)(Lvl 120)
1x Poison tooth Dagger(Bursting)(lvl 90)
1x Elius Spear(Strong)(lvl 60)
1x Silent Claw(Bursting)(lvl 120)
1x Vindicator(lvl 120)

1x Full Calvus Set(Strong)(Lvl 120)
1x Orange Dark Omen Mask(Seasonal)
1x Shoulder Crow(Seasonal)
1x Magma Arcsphere(lvl 120)
1x Ash Arcsphere(lvl 110)
1x Calvus Chest(lvl 100)
2x Crown of Ravenna(lvl 100)
1x Crown of Ravenna(Amplified)(lvl 120)
1x Carina Gi(Swift)(lvl 120)
1x Carina Bracelet(Bursting)(lvl 120)
3x Carina Pauldrons(lvl 100)
1x Cernyx Boots(lvl 80)
4x Elius Chest(lvl 100)
1x Grey Shroud(Nimble)(lvl 120)
1x Defense Amulet(Hard)(lvl 120)
1x Defense Amulet(lvl 120)
1x Attack Speed Amulet(Strong)(lvl 110)
3x Attack Size Amulet(lvl 120)
1x Intensity Amulet(lvl 120)
1x Agility Amulet(lvl 100)
(All amulets are fair)

Ship Stuff:
1x Lesser Lightning Ram(Built)
2x Bronze Framing
1x Light Rugged Hull



Scrolls for galleons(name ur price)
Any good offers```
Just tell me your offer

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