Do beams need a rework?

I feel like beams are super underwhelming right now; they’re a bit too similar to a placed sphere explosion. Slightly faster, lower aoe, longer range, similar damage. How would you make them more unique or useful?

More start-up (Feels like you’re charging up for a bit)
Less Endlag (around a blast)
Maybe even slightly faster

Think of it as if you’re charging up a blast that’ll go really fast, at the cost for a good amount of startup.

So kinda like AR’s light beams. Sounds like it’d be decent.

Also, with those changes it’d probably need to do a bit more than a placed explosion (maybe 0.8x instead of 0.5x)

Captains spam 40 fucking beams in a row, it’s hella annoying. Maybe that’s just a skill issue.


yea, i think i would add like a noclip effect, after a certian level (probs 90-100 or so) where you can shoot the beams through walls and floors, but once they go through the floor they do slightly less dmg

I mean a guy who spams beam and does it quickly just kind of invalidates everything so yeah.

I want beams to be like Darkness Ult from Elemental Battlegrounds.