Do co-captains actually, you know, do anything?

As far as I can tell, they don’t and are basically cosmetic. Do they sail automatically for you or give buffs or are they just cosmetic?

True,they dont really do anything except yell

I kinda hope that they (along with your crew) give specific buffs. Of course, Edward Kenton is shown with lore dialogue along with having a fishing rod for sail, so I’d imagine that other co-captains have similar qualities.

i hope they help you fight other NPCs

Nah long term pathfinding often breaks so Vertex said he wasn’t doing that(I think).

depends on the co cap
they wont actually fight and interact with others and such

like enizor is an alchemist so on the go enchanting

op. free metalworker dragged along with you for easy upgrading gears.

How about a Merchant co cap? :poggers2:

they sell you stuff and give your ship buffs

Bro I just thought of this, what if you can do something and let your crew afk fish with the drops being worse then normal fishing

Also no I did not necro shut up



Fu k y3

I didint notice that mb

But that’s sick still so idc