Do guilds still infamy hunt?

so i just joined a server to go change my character at the tailor and some random guy kills me
isn’t infamy being reset

probably for the ones that don’t get involved with the community

other than that infamy hunting has MUCH been reduced since the announcement

dude said gg after he killed me too :mask:

then they either did not hear the announcement or don’t incorporate themselves in the community at all

infamy hunters smh… :unamused:

i agree

They’re probably just bored and have turned into insanity in this desert wasteland we call “The Great Wait of TGR”

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god I fucking hope not

i am currently going under a training arc. this is my training for ao

People sometimes decide to kill others just for the heck of it… especially the players with good ping, since their blasts actually render hits, and they probably think they’re a god at pvp.

Or they just have a good gaming chair.

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