Do people in AA/WoM/AO speak the same language?

im just kind of wonder if everyone in the Arcane Universe speak the same language or do they have different one and like one universal language like English in our world

Especially with War Sea and Seven Seas since they dont even know each other’s existant ( WoM is like 2000 years into the future so obviously language will be alter, more or less )

Most likely not considering the war seas are on the other side of the planet while in wom it’s been thousands of years so of course the language has changed drastically.

Well does everyone on Earth speak the same language?

I doubt they do, but they do only for convivence because lets be honest, who the hell would make a bunch of custom languages only to use them like, once.

most likely not the 7 seas maybe had a common tongue (forgot whom said this idea) the war seas and seven seas most definitely wouldn’t speak the same language but nothing a few years of translating and finding a common tongue on magius wouldn’t hurt/ be long to do

Nah they communicate telepathically and use archaic rune languages for writing, ever seen anyone open their mouth in any of these games other than showing teeth?


they spoke English

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