Do traders here fish grind for sunken or get it by trading alot of good boss drops for bad sunkens and working their way up?

i feel like the only way to gain sunkens is fishing as i cant find anyone to scam

The latter mostly. But I used to grind boss drops.

You can fish if you want, I would j chill till AO

The secret ingredient is scams
i once bought a sunken helm for 1000 crowns


work their way up, mostly

got my first sunkens from farming exiled for roughly 10 hours each day, most days. this was during my school holidays
get most of my sunkens now from ripping off people, but i know other trades rip people off a lot more than me

200 :sunglasses:

touch grass

Notice the past tense.

say that to my powerful sunken set and strong sunken sword :fist::triumph:

when did you get the powerful sunken set?

Ahem that chestpiece is actually mine :triumph: :roll_eyes:


i got my first sunken in ~300 fish
done another ~2000 since then no more

Yea sometimes you can get like a couple sunken in a day of fishing, then go for a while without getting any.
Just RNG I guess lol

Or 2 in less than an hour
with a lucky bronze rod
in 800 fish caught
without even constantly fishing for 80% of that time

Yea I need more of that random luck, time to pray to the fishy fish gods.

Iā€™m usually not that lucky when it comes to items in-games and such but I suppose WoM was an exception

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