Do you classify the Dark Sea as a dungeon?

Was discussing this with a few people and got mixed answers, what are your thoughts?

Is the Dark Sea a dungeon?
  • Yes
  • No

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In my opinion, it’s basically an infinite dungeon. You enter this area and encounter many powerful foes and risky situations, but can gain great rewards if you manage to make it out alive.

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The dark sea is TECHNICALLY a dungeon if we’re going by the roguelike videogame term, however, I think it’s more suited being seen as the closes thing AO has to a roguelike gamemode due to it’s randomness.

I kinda see it as a wild lands more than a dungeon. A dungeon is clear. Go through it, collect items, reach the end for a big bad boss or item or whatnot, then leave (and if it’s skyrim leave out a way that is right by the front but cannot be accessed from the front like fucking why imma dragonborn why can’t I bust down a stupid wooden fucking door). This is more like a wild area in my opinion, less of a dungeon per se. I imagine it being like an area where dungeons can be found and challenged but the Dark Seas themselves are just like a no-mans land; kinda comparable to The Glowing Sea in Fallout 4.


i don’t think it’s linear enough to be a dungeon

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I see it more as a deepwoken portal roguelike with mostly higher difficulty than the other parts of the game

Being linear has never been a requirement for dungeons for me.

I feel like the Dark Seas being a place with a much higher danger level and greater loot for success already lines it up as a dunfeon. What makes a dungeon a dungeon for me is knowing when i go in the enemies are strong and might take me down without breaking a sweat if im not careful.

Vetex made Adventure Story, of course the Dark Sea is basically a dungeon.

it would be really cool if we had dark-sea specific buffs like a roguelike too

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