Do you guys have weird dreams?

Simple question, one night i had a dream about sleeping in a house where the floor was made out of legs

i have had so many weird dreams that i cant remember any one in particular

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the only thing i can remember off the top of my head is one nightmare i had when i was 3. the setting was like deltarune chapter 2 mansion basement type shit with the vines, dark broken brick walls and rails in it. what happened: basically some 2 trains from thomas the tank engine (like i said i was 3) we’re both on the same track but coming from 2 different directions in such a way that it would’ve caused a head on collision. i woke up before they actually crashed though

Free horror movie your head made lol

oh yeah i just thought of something better. there was this one dream where i died inside of it (i think i got curb stomped) and after i died, it showed a cinema of some sorts and a voice said something along the lines of “the next dream will play shortly.”

and i SWEAR i saw somewhere on the internet where somebody had the exact same experience as me. pretty interesting

I had a dream where hear me out i was in a film studio producing some kind of live action anime thing.

Really weird but not a bad dream

found ss but i don’t remember where i originally saw it. maybe youtube or reddit i’m not sure

My dreams aren’t weird generally, if i had to name one, i remember one time i dreamt that i was dreaming, inside a dream, so that’s something i guess.

One time I had a murder mystery style dream, and I was just about to find some sort of big reveal on the other side of this door, but as I grabbed the doorknob, fade to black “To be continued…”

Took a damn month for it to continue, knew it was the wife, and THAT dream ended with fade to black “The end…?”

I still haven’t gotten the next part.

Another time, one of my earliest memories, is a dream where I was walking down a road with a bunch of people, everything had a purple hue and on one side of the road there was a river, and the other side had a big hill with houses.
Something deep in my mind told me not to look up no matter what, and one by one the people with me looked up and fell over dead on the spot.
Now remember, I was 4 years old and had no idea what in the hell death was as a concept.

Eventually I was alone so I decided “what’s the worst that could happen” and looked up, I still do not know how the fuck to describe that thing, but I woke up right then.

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Could you try do describe what it was?

Best word for it is a spiral.

Any faces or stuff or weird fleshy things?

Couldn’t tell you, didn’t get a good look and it was over a decade ago.

I think you saw a biblically accurate angel lol

reminds me of a dream i had when i was younger where the sky was always orange, and i was the only person there and everything was infested with massive insects, i finally woke up only to find that i was still there
i had a nightmare inside of a nightmare and that shit terrified 6 year old me

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One time I had a dream where I went through a whole day of school in elementary.
Woke up and repeated everything I did that day 1:1, same lessons, everything.

Dreams are weird.

during the school year i think my brain purposefully times my dreams to have it be at the good part whenever my alarm goes off as well, it’s happened too many times to not be suspicious of it

Last night had a dream that we got new Football kits and suddenly we lost them after that i went looking for them and got chased by an angry baby who after turned into a 18 year old woman chasing me trough the sewer system - You might think im some crazy dude but this is actually what i dreamed about last night

Every dream is weird ngl

most of my dreams will first have me be like in the perspective of the main character of any media i watch then switch to random shit that i remember from like 3 years ago monkey from monkey ball super or smth

i used to have normal dreams, then for 3 years i just didn’t have any dreams, now every night all my dreams are just the wackiest shit ever