Do you guys like horror games?

  • yes and send a horror game
  • no
  • yes

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@Greenevvo you chosen this

I have posted the games, it lurks and they lurk, very scary tho, don’t play if you have a weak heart

For me it depends but I can’t watch or play one late it night.

It will be in my dreams :sleeper:

Good, it will give you SCARY/HORROR nightmares that are intense bc jumpscares

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I thought it was a medium option but lol thanks

The most scary horror games on roblox aren’t very popular or well rated generally. The most popular horror games simply use a horror concept or idea in a non-scary way such as “piggy” and its associated variations or “field trip z”. Most camping games are generally not that scary because they are designed to be played with a big group of players for at least most of the game. I recommend shady memories, alone in a dark house and the smiles household because they have a good combination of tragedy and horror. Anybody can make a jumpscare big enough and loud enough to make you want to not want to play the game anymore but I really appreciate the games that can create scary and sad vibes with just the environment and the notes that people leave around even if it is a cliche.

yeh but the storyline is quite confusing

the horror genre has to be my least favorite.
watched nightmare on elm street and I’m pretty much scarred for life