Do you have the patience to wait in jail for 10 minutes?

  • Yes
  • No

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Yep, I just question my life choices while doing it


10 minutes is nothing for those who have stayed in jail for 30 minutes.

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I normally be playing osu while waiting.

Can someone who said no please tell us why?

i just go watch a video lol

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I think I stayed in jail for 6 or more hours

True, I just open a tab to do something or work.

Sitting here, doing nothing, and waiting 10 minutes though I probably wouldn’t do.

Call me a fucking masochist but yeah
I enjoy being stuck in a cage with my wrists forcibly pinned to each other for about 10 minutes
So what?

I was once in a cell with 8 other players once. It was the tiny wooden ones too.

it’s bearable
you can do literally anything else while waiting - check discord, look at youtube, lie in your bed and cry as you recall traumatic events of your past, vibe with the 12 other people in the cell who got killed by the same idiotic shithead as you, eat a snack

I don’t have the patience to wait 3-4 mins

What is wrong with you people :fr: I too play the game to be forced to go AFK of alt tab out

Because when I play Wom I’m excited either to boss farm, fish or fight someone then when I join I sit in jail for 10 minutes with nothing to do. Alt tabbing won’t shorten the time you have to wait and it especially sucks when you have a limited amount of time of playing. If there was some fun activity or minigame in jail that would be cool because at least you have something to do.


Even though I’m a hero I feel the pain of the 10 minute wait when I accidentally hit a captain in the Silent Tower while trying to fight another guy which led to killing that captain… which led to killing another captain

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Yo what? You can’t hit good rep npcs while being good rep b ruh.
Oh, hero storyline.

I could just whip up my ipad/phone and start doing something else instead while waiting

It ain’t really that hard. 10 minutes of peace and tranquility with the ambience.

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