Do you prefer to PVP/PVE with or without shiftlock?

simple question, do you prefer to play the game using shiftlock or not?

and does it matter when it comes to PVP? or is it solely preference based?

I tried using shiftlock, but I’ve found it much easier to land attacks without it.

(I’m talking about Q blasts and shot skills)

without shiftlock - easier to aim blasts/projectiles
with shiftlock - better movement, easier to land grabs and blinks

in pve i dont use shiftlock
in pvp i prefer shiftlock but im getting used to using both

so, each one has pros and cons…


ngl, I’ve found it easier to land grabs without shiftlock, may that come as a surprise.

you can also move around relatively well without it, but one downside is you need to move your camera manually A LOT

it’s harder to aim with shiftlock, but it’s also difficult to move the camera without it

you guys can use shiftlock? (i tried pressing alt and nothing happened)

are you using the microsoft store roblox?

turn on shiftlock in game settings
if ur using microsoft roblox it doesnt work (and why are you using this)

me when microsoft roblox :skull:

yeah i forgot to turn on shiftlock lol

I like using shift lock since I move around alot during PvP. I also use blink attacks from weapons.

i use both, depends on what situation i’m in at that exact moment. usually something along the lines of:
long range? no shiftlock
close range? shiftlock
movement? shiftlock
theres more to it but you get the idea

Just switch between the 2

shiftlock is harder to use moves like a placed explosion so I usually don’t use it

since im mage it’s a lot easier without shiftlock

maybe when I switch to beserker I’ll use it

Moves that rely on some form of movement, shiftlock.

moves reliant on a projectile, free aim.

moreso applies to pvp, shiftlock feels like a liability in pve due to the amount of movement in say Calvus and Carina.

I’ve been using shift lock for everything so far wtf no wonder why my aim’s been extra dog shit.

Projectiles - no shiftlock
Everything else - shiftlock

(plus funny rotate)


ive started playing w/out shiftlock and it feels much more free in terms of aim

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I hit more shots with Shiftlock