Do you think guns exist in WoM?

  • Yes
  • No

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It’s confirmed they do, just not wide spread

I think Vetex confirmed they exist but are really rare. Now if you were talking about american steel ak47 guns then no

oh, what a relief

Did you miss the deluxe flintlock? I do too I dream about it in my well dreams

Well, this is america

Is that the one you put to someone’s head for 1k damage? 'Cause I loved that one

It is indeed, I committed many warcimes with it, I would also spawn grab people with it, I wasn’t the nicest back then. Still this thing is still my favorite weapon

beautiful. I ran with a musket, deluxe flint, and a wheelock if I remember correctly

If vetex adds the musket it better retain it’s deafening gunshots

o i didn’t remember them being that loud, but sniping was fun af

Can’t wait to explain to the Magic Council why I shot the metalworker in self defense they couldn’t come sooner if they could add radius fist and guns in the same update I would have a field day

sounds like the AA i remember

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