Do you think Headless Head will gain or lose value after the huge revamp?

  • I think Headless Head will gain value
  • I think Headless Head will lose value
  • I am not sure

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I mean
One of the first limited of game+ its a headless head
It gonna up i think

As long as Vetex does not use it as an event item again, the value will definitely increase, especially since it came from, more or less, a different game.

I want it to return so I can get it after my miserable last minute attempt

Sadly, that probably won’t happen. But, cheer up. You must have other Halloween items, right? Be fine with owning them, they’re great and will raise in value along with Headless Head.

theres not really a single reason why headless value would drop with tgr. Its not getting added back meaning its rarity will only increase. The only reason i could imagine is that with old players returning the temporary stock of headlesses would increase so much that its value would drop, but only slightly

As someone above said, if Vetex never uses the headless head as an event item again it’ll increase A LOT over time. There can literally only be a set number of headless heads existing compared to items like sunken swords which are, in a sense, infinite. Over time some people with headless heads will stop playing the game or lose them somehow causing the headless head count to further dwindle. I imagine the value of headless heads is gonna be absolutely insane in a year or two but generally it’ll increase over time.

that makes me wonder how much headless cost currently

I don’t see a valid reason as to why headlesses will drop post-TGR. I can imagine that it will increase value because of the new items coming with it and because it’s one of the only items that cannot increase in quantity via logical means.

putting these points together will place my opinion on “yeah it’ll increase”

probably gain value especially if there aren’t any events.

but it’s practically useless on a stat’s standpoint so.

purely vanity and flex-able imo, basically useless to my eyes unless I actually own one

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Yeah. But honestly not having a head gives me weird vibes so it doesn’t really matter to me.

Wish I had one to trade for a sunken sword though. :fr:

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