Do you think the revamp will add new starter magics and also let you obtain other starter magics?

Idk, I’m just wondering what ya’ll think about this.

No there won’t be new starter magics but we will be getting out second magic.

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So we get 3 elemental magics, 1 lost magic, and 1 primordial magic right?

3 bases, either 2 Losts or 1 Lost and 1 Primordial

I think it’s 1 lost and 1 primordial bc whats the point of adding primordial magic if it’s unattainable?

Anyway if I don’t get that promethean fire I will be mad as h**l lol

you have a choice between using 2 losts OR using 1 Lost and 1 Primordial

you won’t ever get promethean fyi

it’s possible right

or is it simply decorative for the game

Promethean is one of the popular ones, and with them as rare as Legendary Charts in AA and other Primordials

Well, its looking slim

while technically possible, theres around 12 primordial magics planned
given that the information vetex gave me last time I asked, he said it would be legendary chart rarity, is accurate,
the odds of getting any specific primordial is abysmally low

pretty sure I heard he might even make promethean even rarer
you probably won’t even be able to trade anything for one, so you won’t ever get it

well its not like it chooses for you right?
im not a quitter. Mark my words. I will GET that promethean fire!

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And when you mean abysmally low, you mean like 0.000000001% or something?

considering it’ll be somewhere around 1/20000 for a primordial, or even rarer, I’ll use that for calculations sake

getting any specific desired primordial, out of 12 or so primordial magics, is a 1/240,000 chance

holy crap
do we like have to pay to get a primordial

no you’ll find it or do a quest or something, how to obtain so far is unconfirmed

I’m going to make it my LIFE’s MISSION to get the promethean fire. And for those of you who say that I’m never gonna get it, you just don’t believe. I believe in myself and I’m getting it if it’s the last thing I do, even if there is a super slim chance.

Art of Sacrifice is preferable.

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yea promethean is prob like 1/1,000,000 ngl