Do you think vetex should remove negative interactions for magics?

Example, if you use fire and wind as you magic you cant remove the fire debuff with a wind attack


yeah prob

Not really if he does that then he should remove positive interactions

For negative interactions between your own magics, I think this would be a beneficial change

Otherwise people who go multiple magics will either be limited or punished. You can’t go things like shadow/light or ice/magma cause you’ll be nerfing your own damage. Which doesn’t make much sense to me, since both elements are your own magic energy.


pretty sure i made a post about this a few years ago saying how negative interactions do nothing but hinder teamwork

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Nerfing Light/Shadow users is a win
Keep negative effects


It would be nice to be able to use other magics besides the three you’re forced to choose
(but yea, keep light/shadow interaction)
(not racist, just dont like em)

But they have different properties also its too op like if someone chose magma acid and fire the dot would end up stacking

Not if he makes a limit to only have 1 DoT at once

i think keeping effect clearing would be fine, I’m just not a fan of the negative damage synergies

besides even if you removed effect clearing there are still combos that allow triple dot

me when someone else uses something i dont like!!!

I want to be one :frcryin:

no, there’s absolutely nothing fully stopping u it’s just not recommended and actively deterring for u to do so.

light shadow makes sense trying to pierce either effect being light or darkness and vice versa. so the magic energy regardless if it’s urs would still conflict given their properties and try clearing the other making the atk less affecting

fire and water could be where fire hitting water could give a scalding, steamed, effect but thats shaky as soaked implies/ means ur dripping wet. being dripping wet and the flames hitting u at best will just rapidly evaporate it. while still not being enough to set u on fire. thus reducing the capability to dmg someone fully. since the moisture still being on u and what not until the next fire attack or two idk.

ice and magma can sorta go into a temperature shock like motion but lava/magma would just melt the ice into steam and not go deep and would likely just create a big life size Leidenfrost effect or smth

idr any other negative magic synergies face1

Wind fire??

it could work but given how wind magic is it’ll likely extinguish the flames as it’ll cool it down from the speed and what not. and wind doesn’t really have an active status effect so fire can’t really benefit from anything other than one countering the other

The problem now is that wind will do less dmg if the target is burning, if that feature is taken away its a pretty decent combo

oh i didn’t remember that but yeah it kinda sucks since it is a neat combo asthetically and what not

but makes sense why it’s there

But it would be a weird mechanic if you can stop e burning with water when you didn’t cast the dire magic but when you do it you cant