Does anybody else get "reverse-rusty" at games?

For some reason, whenever I drop a game and come back to it weeks, months, or even a year later, I end up being better at it than I was before. One time, I was grinding Touhou Koumakyou ~ the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil to get a 1cc on Normal, and I took a break from it. Fast forward a few days, and I beat it without breaking a sweat… then I do the same thing three times the next night. Another time on Touhou Kouryuudo ~ Unconnected Marketeers, I was grinding for a Lunatic 1cc. I took a break and somehow got good enough to do it, then yet again the next day.

taking breaks does wonders to your body


if you dont sleep you can blame your skill issue on your sleep deprivation

If you’re under, say, 24. Then you can attribute this to you just straight up developing (and gaining more experience in other games and whatnot). Since I assume you’re young alongside most people here, let’s just say the whole reverse rusty effect is just you approaching your prime.

Also sleep helps.

Yeah I’ve experienced it before on TF2 I suddenly got way better at soldier doing sick air shots and rocket jumping all over the map, It’s probably just the brain developing or something lol.

I’ve been through the cycle of hitting insane double airshots to not being able to hit a stationary target.

same thing happens with me

Yeah, it happens in WoM and ssbu

Yeah, though for me it’s sometimes just that I see another way to do something or I’m not as stressed/regained energy for focus.

happens everytime for me on rythm games (i have a crippling osu! addiction)

happened to me with 4key rhythm games for the longest time until one day it crashed and burned, can’t touch anything that isn’t painfully easy anymore