Does anyone else find Edward in the palace raid really funny?

Like this dialogue for example

Like Edward I love ya buddy, but Morden does NOT know you. Its honestly the same for all the cutscenes he’s in. He’ll be talking to us and the other characters but because their dialogue hasn’t been changed to account for him in the scene it seems like everybody is just ignoring the poor guy. Like he tells Iris he has her back and she just completely tunes him out. He’s like the one friend you invite to come with you to a party, but nobody else knows him so he’s just kinda there trying to interact with people and unfortunately nobody fw him.


I like the dialogue since it suggests that we do actually talk to him about what we are doing

Its the more the fact the other characters treat him like he isn’t there which is really funny. The fact that he sorta acts like they’re a tight nit team despite the fact that they just ignore him just kinda adds to how funny it is to me.

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They know who he is, they just don’t acknowledge him

i was a tad bit confused when there wasnt a dialouge option to say something back to him ngl

There is a technical reason for this, frankly.
Edward only appears if you have him equipped on your ship, which makes him basically shoehorned into the cutscene - despite the fact it’s meant to play up the fact that Edward is not just capable, but willing to help you out. (this could’ve been fixed with additional scripting and writing, but I doubt Vetex cares that much about details for AO, considering how messy Roblox is anyways)

Really hoping Enizor gets this treatment following his upgrade. I’d love to see the old man get his badass arc with snow magic, after 68 years of just being some random alchemist on an iceberg nobody liked :st3:


I know why its like this, I’m just saying its funny

Edward’s a navy man. He does not need attention, for his duty is to ensure we are safe.

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