Does anyone know what potions we can expect?

I’ve been curious- I know Patreon Privelage gives some of you a preview of the coming potions, so I know we get a shark attraction potion and stat reset potion and some sort of ‘slowness’ potion to be used offensively.

So what other potions will there be? Can we expect a basic Healing potion above all? As this is one thing I think I am most curious about- if we get healing potions or not. I’m on the fence about them as an idea, but the line of potions I DO know about seem to point to the fact potions in general are mostly buff based.

healing and i think power potions will be added yeah

the rest is public on the patreon

The patreon post that shows the list of potion ideas is public, not patron-only:

These are the planned potion types


Can’t see patreon posts on my phone sadly. Thanks though man.

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wonder how many people will dedicate themselves to turning the bronze sea into the dark seas using tide and shark summoner pots

Seeing as how many times I met people who are max level yet still don’t have sailor style unlocked, I think the shark population is about to go from endangered to invasive.

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Also water mages when they have to use a potion if they want to control the water in the ocean:

Yeah this is a bit silly, why cant we just make tsunamis like in AA if our spells surpass some sort size threshold or straight up just for ultimate arts? Its not like tsunamis do much to ships anyway, atleast in my experience my ship gets absolutely no damage from them.

Luck potion is crazy, I hope it’s either not too significant or either just not added bc bro I cba to have to grind 2 million potions to keep up with the economy and I’d rather my inventory not take another value hit :sob: :sob:

Although I imagine vetex won’t make them so significant to the point where it’s always worth to go out of you way to get it, so I’m more for them than against them in that sense.

im excited for water breathing, shark summoner and clear sight. Jesus Finding poison jaws is like trying to find my balls

It’ll only effect drop economy, not things like sealed chests

It affects sunkens (the only super valuable stuff besides seasonals)

That too but Sunkens are kinda overbloated in value. With the game actively progressing gear is leaning more towards practical value then value of rarity. Sunkens aren’t that good gear wise, so I don’t care to trade for em.

And sunkens, which combined make up 98.5% of the economy…

you say “only” drops as if they’re not the most commonly traded items on the marketplace

Doesn’t change the fact that they’re the 2nd most valuable items in the game behind the headless. :+1:

turns out the reason sunken sword was so ass was because it was bugged
so once that’s fixed it’ll be good equipment too

Oh shit, I didn’t notice the potion card was updated. Nice.

edit: I’m an idiot it’s not updated :c

I really want to be able to brew throwable insanity potions to really mess people up without actually attacking them.

I would get my potion brewing skill to perfect solely for this.
oh and I guess all the underwater potions are also pretty nice.

I’m gonna make love potions as self defense against rkers. Can’t wait to see how those kinds of people complain about the fact pve players have a way to shut off their bloodthirst.

imagine this on someone who already had insanity tier 3 or 4