Does the freezing status effect boost lightning's damage by 25%?

On metas magic guide the status effect says so but if you go to check lightning it only mentions soaked and sandy

it removes hte frozen effect and does 50% more damage according to trello

I mean freezing status effect.You only get hit by ice and no other magic for freeze.Freeze is applied by water and ice thats not the case here

wtf why are they two diferent things that makes no sense, im reporting this as a bug to vetex to fix this imediately

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You get hit by ice you get freezing status efect.After you get freezing status and you get hit by water you get frozen status effect

No, the freezing effect has no status effect on lightning’s damage at all. However, the frozen effect does.

Then theres a mistake.If you read the frozen status effect buffs you can see lightning with 25%.Same cant be said if you go check lightning magic buffs

Could you link me to it?

Its metas magic guide i dont have a link to it but you can search the forum for it

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Yeah, it isn’t supposed to