Dragons in the game?

i was swimming when i saw what appeared to be the remnants of the cranium of a dragon which got me thinkin…theres dragons in game?

Now thinking about it, vetex will never add a dragon.

in what part of the sea part of the map did you saw the forgotten remnants of a dragon?

southwest coming fro m ironport and summerhold. there appears also to be someone dead? maybe player idk

very disappointing and he should get rid of skull

It looks like this. (I stole this from google images, I couldn’t find one that wasn’t edited)

that thing.
yeah, i found that.
i dont think its a dragon.

thinking about it now it could be some sea serphent perhaps? i hope vetez allows us to fight it

I think that will mostly likely not happened, knowing he had never made an actually animal before, And then animating it. If it does make the dragon, and make it possible to battle with I will be shocked.

It was probably some sea monster, because consider the fact that alpha white eyes existed in Arcane Adventures, and it’s size is about the length of Alalea by itself.

Someone said that a developer said that it’s one of the heads of the Hydra.