Drifa sketch thiggy

might finish it after i come back from school tomorrow cause it 00:30 am here now lmao
Can barely see her hair so i just handwaving stuff and look at some artist’s reference
I know she wear a… tank top ? Idk what that call but Tong’s design looks very cool and give the alchemist vibe with the robe and stuffs
The… right … wait no left arm looks funky, will fix later
Probably cant do FemExiled, just a despress Exiled tomorrow
Good night


Ayy a fellow Ibispaint x user

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This morning in my class i suddenly thought why the f didnt i draw a maid Drifa
Where is my horniness when i need them

Will try to fonish this tonight, gotta go to school soom so might need to take another sleep lmao
I know im trash at shadowing, i just havent seen anyone draw a menancing Drifa so i want to do one
Like, she literally decided does your 8 hours+ of fishing to get a sunken matter or not, how is that not scary


Very cool, doggo likes it


very nice done! any enchanter is nightmare to many