Dumb Ideas for stat builds

Key word ideas, not suggestions. dump your dumb ideas here.

Remove vitality, it’s just underwhelming

What exactly is vitality?

Increases your health
…With no unlockable abilities mentioned whatsoever, it’s just a defense stat but for the build system

And yeah I know it can change, but I can’t see vitality really getting stuff that isn’t either op like a chance to dodge or just bad and not interesting


Paladin Build idea (magic/vitality)
magic veil that takes energy which weakens or buffs other magic attacks.
An example: a fire magic veil would weaken wood magic attacks but buff water magic attacks

Vitality is a defensive stat that has primary change of increasing health. Abilities and such could be added but none are planned (as expected since it’s incredibly hard to come up with anything)

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What if we split weapons into Archery and Swordplay?

that sounds very dumb

Ok thanks

I have an archery file, I approve of this.

HOWEVER, I don’t really see a need to do this, as you could just choose the normal weapons path (It would affect both swords and bows equally.)

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