E b o l n a v i r u s


The End
No seriously, it’s the end of the world



bebolna virus

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Bruh that’s awful.

you have to be kidding

I wonder how the ppl that said “2021 would be better” feel rn

I’m exposing them all

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2020: Part 2 :poggerfish:

2020: The Sequel. Brought to you by Za Warudo Gaming :pray:

part 2

How can there be another virus outbreak? Isn’t everyone quarantined? Ebola can really only spread by contact if I’m not mistaken, and everyone should be social distancing.

if you havent noticed already, Americans are great at doing the one thing they’re told not to do

What do Americans have to do with this? The articles all have “Congo” in the title.

itll make its way over here before you know it, m8.

Its just like coronavirus, “Oh iTs AlL tHe WaY iN cHiNa HoW cAn It ReAcH tHe Us?”

ebola not spread as fast i think. i dont think it will become a global pandemic. ebola not airborne like covid and whoever get ebola gets bedridden much faster than whoever who gets covid.

Can’t easily spread if the victims die quickly.


yea this will be bad, but nothing world ending or anything

Exactly, I like your style

There have been Ebola outbreaks before and they rarely affect more than a few countries because it isn’t very transmissible. However, it can still wreak havoc on the communities it infects.