Easter items

Trading Valkarie for sunken


How many valkyries?

1 :skull:

Oof. Bro ain’t gonna be grabbing any sunkens.

people be overpricin them damn valks man

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All seasonals besides headless are overpriced


Headless goes for waaaaaaaaay more than it should. It would take over 300 hours of fishing even if ur lucky to get sunkens equal to the value of a headless. Also, there are a bunch of headlesses duped in the economy that the mods decided to leave :skull:

Headless was the hardest event item to obtain in the history of wom and came out when the game was dead, meaning less exist
Of fucking course it’s hard to trade sunkens for them when they’ve been growing in value for the past 3 years and most people intend to trade them for a lancient scroll later on
The mods didn’t “decide to leave a bunch of duped ones”
They let elment keep a duped one because spawning in 7 sunken swords as compensation would’ve been worse than just letting him keep one

What sunken?

Oh, didn’t know headless was that hard to obtain. Thought sunkens were the hardest things to obtain.


ur valk not worth a sunken

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