Elemental Lore Dump (regular-ish updates) + Elemental AMA

  • the Divine Birds and Serpent families are sworn enemies of one another (Serpents are three lineages stemming from Ichor, Equinox, and Apocalypse Bringer)
  • in most cases the Bird will win against a Serpent (as is in the real world) and all similarities between the Poison Basilisk and Ash Cockatrice are completely superficial / based on convergent evolution
  • Drakon is the LUCA of all dragon morphs (so Magma and Iron)
  • Chimera + Ammit are actually twins but since it’s clearly fraternal then they’re as close as sisters
  • Quetzalcoatls are either in the Ichor or Equinox lineage but idk which
  • Ichor serpents are more draconic in feature
  • Apoc serpents have a killing gaze and/or are inherently subtractive or harmful
  • Equinox serpents have multiple heads or limbs that are inconsistent with reasonable evolution
  • father, mother, etc. are poor terms to describe the lineage relationships. think of it more as a sort of “imprinting” in that each Primordial emits with their presence on the planet as the Magical energy manifests according to theirs
  • the only Primordials with true offspring are Taborri, Jörmungandr, and Ouroboros

updates will simply come in the form of replies to myself but feel free to ask questions about them. most drops will pertain to Primordials as they have specific characterization + lore as fully-fledged deities. there’s stuff like specific lore writing for an Elemental while i develop them but it’s in their Trellos and not here


i will be making a lineage tree eventually

  • so Drakon is derived from King Ghidorah and Smaug
  • Ammit is literally Ammit from Egyptian mythos and a bit of Cerberus as well
  • Eden is actually a mix of Savathûn and Riven (Destiny) bc why not
  • the Earth Tortoise is Methuselah

Always glad to learn more about my favorite world snek

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æ yeah they’re funky bois

and they’re also among the most powerful and numerous Primordials (specifically Ragnarök, Ouroboros, and Jörmungandr for power)

pretty much only outranked by Promethean and Equinox

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here’s something that may interest you

Sìfènghuáng is Promethean Flame btw


Apoc Bringer lineage - “Terrible Worms”
Ichor lineage - “Silver-Tongued Worms”
Equinox lineage - “Strange Worms”

Promethean Flame lineage - “Divine Birds”

Inferno lineage - “Drakōn / Large Serpents”

Equilibrium lineage - “Many Forms”

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Equilibrium (or “Balance”) lineage stems from Anubis to his twin daughters Chimera + Ammit, who have the many strange “compound” animals and are kin with most Elementals by that logic (Anubis is directly related to the Snow Amarok, however the Hippocampus and Akh’lut are descendants of Ammit while the Poison Lightning Manticore, Plasma Pegasus are descendants of Chimera)

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which song for Sìfènghuáng (the Primordial of Promethean Flame)?

Sìfènghuáng the Four Sacred Fires
  • Mothra’s Theme (Queen of the Monsters Suite)
  • Shen’s Theme (Orchestral Remix)
  • Shen’s Theme (ft. Kai’s Theme)
  • Po Finds the Truth

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