Elven Capital of Varnia

I made stuff for my dnd campaign, so decided to share.
Quick context is that elves are immortal in dnd


Varnia is located on top of a mountainous island and is extremely large. The rest of the island is mainly ash and rock, although it was once robust and fertile before Timiat. The elves are extremely isolated from the rest of the world, with the island in a relatively rough area in the sea, mostly only accessible via skyship


Elven culture is extremely strict, with it’s cutthroat politics and harsh learning environment, many elves are pressured to excel. Students are often forced to excel in all categories, and parents can often be shamed if their child doesn’t ace their education. All children are expected to be masters of magic and history in their culture, and those who don’t “shame the elves” As adults, people who don’t make large amounts of money or have small amounts of political sway can be sent to distant outposts. Despite its shining exterior and interior, life in Varnia is extremely hard. Elves often also have a supremacist view on the world, looking down on shorter-lived races. As a consequence of this mentality, elves often have magical servants to do their menial work, even if they can’t afford it.
Those who don’t fit the elven culture are often banished or sometimes executed


Elves lived in heaven for the majority of their existence, being made by gods as a “perfect image of themselves” millions of years ago. Later, around the time humans and dwarves came to the Mortal Plane, a group of Elves claimed an island, and blessed it with magic, before constructing a city. Using divine technology and magic, the elves developed much faster than mortal races(like the humans and dwarves mentioned earlier). Upon the elves meeting the other mortal inhabitants, they were initially dismissive, before grudgingly trading with them for Arcanium, a magical metal that was very scarce in heaven. It was also one of the only ways to synthesize adamantine, an indestructible metal used by the gods for weapons.

The world developed normally for a long time, before Skotadi started a rebellion within the gods, starting the War in Heaven. At first the Elves on the Mortal Plane were fine, before Skotádi began turning the mortals against the elves, the elven reserve of arcanium ran dry during the war due to the lack of trading, forcing many elven luxuries to stop being sold, in order to save arcanium for weapons and magic items. The elves also created Changinglings (shapeshifters)during the war using alchemy in order to infiltrate the mortals. Unfortunately, their efforts were wasted when Timiat destroyed Varnia, and permanently destroyed the ecosystem of the island around it. Skotadi also betrayed the humans, laying waste to them as well. Later after the war, Elves returned and rebuilt their city, although they still carried some grievances from the War in Heaven, the Elves returned to their regular trading patterns after the mortals rebuilt as well


Mortals often see elves as arrogant, self-centered idiots. They often also see elves as generic rich people and some decide to blame them for the problems within society, thinking that if they wanted to, elves could fix it all. However, despite these stereotypes, people often feel bad for banished elves, and relate to them more.


Why? What was wrong with heaven?

If they’re so dismissve and much more technologically advanced, why not just conquer and enslave?

yeah that’s a good point. I’ll make sure to work on that before my party encounters them. I guess the only answer I have for the first one is because heaven has a lot of wars and competition, but yeah I do need to work on it

Alright figured out a somewhat good answer for second question. Basically they see it as beneath them and are slightly afraid that the mortal kingdoms might actually team up and beat them, therefore humiliating them. I’ll try to find a more concrete answer later

DIO obtained Heaven, therefore the residents had to move out

best explanation

The dragon Warrior can relate. His body doesn’t age either because of magic.