Enchant Siphoning

Enchant Siphoning
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For 1.5-3x the chance it would cost to DISenchant an item, you can optionally siphon the enchant off, which removes the enchant from that item and gives you a scroll of the enchant that the item had. The catch to this is that the scroll can only be used in the level range of the item it was from, so you can’t just farm them with low level items and use them on high tier drops.

Details/background on your proposal

Say you get a level 10 leather armor with hard on it. If it were to cost 200 to disenchant that leather armor, siphoning would cost 300-600, but you’d get a hard scroll with it. This hard scroll is only applicable on items from level 1-50.

Reason to add/change

This would be useful if you get a better item for the enchant and would like to tranfser it. It would obviously be much better at higher levels since its expensive at lower levels and doesn’t bear much.

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would be super good but would also need quite a bit of adjusting to make it balanced but i do like the idea

Desperately needed, but this seems like it’d be too abusable on low-level items where the costs for doing stuff with it are really low. You could just dump galleons on a level 1 eyepatch and print dozens of scrolls.

It’d be a good idea to either make it factor your current level into the cost equation, OR just have every siphon cost be treated as if you were siphoning a max-level item.

I wonder if these would be tradable, because right now regular enchant scrolls have decent trading power and these might throw a wrench into that.

This would ruin the rarity of enchantment scrolls by adding an absurdly cheap way to get them. Why would you ever farm for a scroll, trade for one?

For example take these Hard Titanium Leggings

If we do a 3x increase thats 1536 galleons for a hard scroll

Or I could get a swift scroll for 700 galleons

IMO this would ruin the rarity of enchantment scrolls

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the whole point is for mid-game progression as the scrolls cant go past that item’s level cap

Exactly, the scrolls obtained from the examples would be applicable to the current meta items.

This is definitely a problem, locking it purely behind a crown cost that is 3x the disenchant value might be too cheap a cost. To counteract this the cost may need to be calculated another way or doesn’t rely purely on crowns.

Since the entire level range is affected, how about it uses a flat cost depending on the max level the item can be leveled to, with this cost decreasing depending on the rarity of the item.
a formula like: MAX_LEVEL * 15 / (RARITY). instead?
RARITY being 1 at common, and increasing up to 3 at legendary.

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