End of suncry

stupid shit AO guild reset


The end of their name is kinda ironic

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Yes yes…

This is just a theory but if suncry’s main farmers and eclipse members come back in AO they definitely could hit the lb and maybe even number one

The people who this change is gonna hit hard is solo guilds like Raid Shadow Legends and small guilds with small communities with 3 farmers such as Arcane Maids, Silverthorn etc and many more guilds I could list

We only rose straight onto the top in the first 24 hours because our only enemy was KAFKA. We know how that went.
Now that there are more established guilds who are looking to take the top spot, it doesn’t look good for us.

Huh what happened?

Vetex is wiping Infamy when Arcane Odyssey releases.

Moonlaugh is coming for that ass :nod:

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lmao rip suncry

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