Enough is ENOUGH

Realistically I’d say this is a bug report but yeahhh, gotta love when you just joined on a new file and the Grand Navy is already on you

I’ve been having issues with the Grand Navy attacking me when I’m a hero, (I have two hero files, they deal no damage then) and now I’m being attacked at Dawn Island, neutral of course cause I just started, and as the picture implies, I am dead

Such a lie

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the gravy is corrupt

Thank goodness the whirlpools take them… but how did a normal Marine swim through it like it didn’t exist ._.

Still positive rep btw : )

They all swam out bruh. SO annoying. I’m tryna do a rare treasure chart smh. Gonna destroy the ground around me again

River Catastrophe!

Giving up on my rare treasure chart again : )

Back to a phase of not playing smh