Entering the Hoyoverse (wish me luck)

I got and started playing Zenless Zone Zero today, officially marking my entrance into the Hoyoverse.

My first thoughts is, it’s pretty good. I like it’s semi-futuristic sci-fi, semi-realistic modern aesthetics. It’s action is pretty good and all. And I really like the character design, despite it not having much variety. (as in there’s not much characters, their designs have a lot if variety)

I thought ZZZ was a good starting for me considering it was released just about a week ago.

Though, I can’t really put my finger on it, but there’s a feeling that tells me I’ll go bankrupt in the next day.

So uh yeah. I don’t even know why I wrote about this, but there you have it.

This is probably the lamest off topic post on the forums. I didn’t even add images :skull:

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Also I have a serious question:

Do I use English text with English, Chinese, Japanese or Korean dub?

I’ve tried them but I can’t decide help me.

It really depends on what you prefer. If you really dont know, try switching it up every now and then. Tho because of the amount of japanese stuff I listened to, some of my internal dialogue turned japanese :skull:

They’re all good in their own ways I can’t chose :sob:


English is English (who plays English dub), all the Chinese VAs sound the exact same except for some (as in all females sound the same and all the males sound the same), Japanese is ok. Korean… well I haven’t tried Korean yet. But idk who plays Korean dub tbh.

welcome to the rabbit hole


yeah same the visual is probably the best so far imo

so good that in fact my phone crashed trying to load it

me sometimes, limbus and ruina’s fault

Have fun playing a game that is literally specifically designed to exploit you.

just play wuthering waves :sweat:

my phone cant get through the tacet discords raid part of the story and keep crashing :frowning:

the jiggle physics are unreal
no seriously, why is ones hair flailing around in a closed off room with no open windows??

zzz’s animation is very, well, animated

im ngl i deleted it because playing on mobile gives you bad quality :sweat:

Dont play MiHoyo games if you like spending money… the gacha in Genshin especially is insane

Edit: MiHoyo games are still insanely fun, but normally to become any good, you have to grind for a long time or pay money

tip: quit
if you want to waste money so hard go to an actual casino, where the chances of getting something are higher and you will actually win something


hell yeah 0.06% to get a 5 star

Me when I hit soft pity and get a weapon instead of character

me when i lose 50/50 and somehow still dont get the dreaded zombie everyone was so scared about

istg if I lose my 50/50 and get Jean when Raiden comes there is going to be a hole in my computer

hoyoverse gameplay