Entity joining test

this is brady1027 and i’m recruiting for entity add and dm me on disco if you want to tryout my disco is brady1027#1852 if i say you’re good enough then i’ll tell the leader

weren’t you kandy’s favorite gay adult film

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shush its a secret

I hate you! You killed me in WoM!!! :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage:

brady i thought entity abandoned wom :fr:


eh, you have a point

who are you @StarForDays like whats your roblox user

since wom is coming out someday next month sebi wants to recruit some more

You probably have no clue who I am but my username is racerblaze. I just remember you killing me a bunch of times

id be down with joining entity maybe, so i could run a few rounds when i get out of school
would much rather join entity than helios


do you have a guild i might be able to remember who you are

The guild I’m in is called Mystic Cats :cat:

oh i remember

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yeah sorry i was tryharding for infamy back then

i was about to make a furry guild joke

You should kill yourself… NOW!


i’m not new my first acc got put on lock down for saying Apple Fritter

I should kill myself… NOW!