Epic suggestion about bounty hunter profession

Epic suggestion about bounty hunter profession
effort 4.0 1 quality 2.0 1 reasonability 3.0 1

please keep on mind this just a suggestion not close this by low effor pls

ok so my suggestion is bassicaly, make bounty hunter have skill to track people with bounty and win more money by killing wanted people

explaining more i guess

another profissions will still can claim bountys, but bounty hunters will have skills that help on finding target and maybe fightning it

  • maybe some passive or skill that can make you be more sneak
  • like on wild west, you can interact with wanted people poster and this will give you a tip of where the person is
  • a item that can secure the wanted person if he is with certain injury level(example:a bow with poison or idk that make person sleep if he is too injured), if you succesful catch a wanted alive you gain extra money

cool things

  • bounty hunt not being useless to other professions but bounty hunter also not being useless
  • cool new profession
bad things
  • bounty hunter items being too op (like jailbreak handcuffs, but it can be balanced)

pls vote this i actually need use my brain

This isn’t a bad idea, but my one issue is tracking people I always liked that fact that you had to actually find a person your bounty hunting. Also if you could track people by bounty hunting it would be the best source of income ingame making it OP.

well i mean
map gonna be big
just imagine have a profession that you need find wanted people but you cant find the people
i think it could give a tip of where wanted people is

also, this gonna only track wanted people, and maybe have a long cooldown to balance

I mean the tip could just be “so and so was last seen on blank island” then you go there and yeet them, or if they’ve left then you have to find another bounty board


dude I don’t think vetex is accepting profession suggestions


bro what are you on he literally asked for suggestions.