Eternal Rampage Recruitment

Guild Name: Eternal Rampage
Guild Status: Dark
Guild Owner: (Aaron Cole)


We are a fully evil Guild which despises the magic council we will have people from traders to Boss slayers and from lvl 0 to ninety.
Requirments: 1 You must be dark and stay dark if u change to the light u will no longer be one of us.
2 You need discord as thats where the sever with all the stuff is located


discord: YDDq7xCcuy is the sever join code (add newkiller907#1567 on discord if u have problems).
Roblox: add me if you want as cl34cc but as i can invite you via inside the game to the guild it is not needed

Why did you post 2 topics?



flawed desc

  1. improve your grammar; you don’t have to take yourselves so seriously with the guild descs if you don’t know that much about English

  2. dark/light factions suck in my opinion. what if there’s a person with high potential to bolster your guild status in the community that is interested in joining, but can’t because your guild status is dark? idk what dark/light guilds are, this is just my assumption on what I think they are

  3. better your guild name :fr:

Being honest, your guild sounds like it’s going to last a week.

Your grammar bothers me. You can improve it. And change the name of the guild.

Dark/Light guild concept is stupid, just accept everyone. And only take Level 90 people, others will be completely useless for you and a way to deplete your infamy.

And get good at PvP, most importantly. Your members too. Suncry and other guilds are still out for blood, or for whatever remains of it, since Guilds are being wiped soon. Don’t think about alt-farming or you’ll be target of everyone once it’s discovered and you risk your guild being wiped, or even a punishment (don’t know, but maybe in some cases it can happen).

Now that I mention it, why make a guild now? You lost 5k crowns for a guild that is being wiped.

Why most of the guilds have edgy names like “niGhT wARRiOrZ DarK wIZaRDs” or sh like that

Waiting for a guild named


If this survives to AO he’s going to experience the true sentiment to pain

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my opinion its an ok name.

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