Every Topic In A Nutshell

Topic:Exists for more than a day

Topic:Gets a little off topic

Some random forumer: @ Macobre can you please close this

Extra: Macobre and Meta comic

Macobre Or Meta (Whoever you want to imagine): Ahhh… Finally time to go to bed. It’s 11:00 friggin o clock. I’m tired-

Computer: Turns on and goes straight to Forum

Macobre (I’ll use Macobre): Huh?

Random Topics: @ Macobre can you please close this?

@ Macobre can you please close this

@ Macobre Please close this…

@ Macobre Close this topic…

@ Macobre You know what to do…

@ Macobre Please close this topic

@ Macobre Close this topic now…


They apparently get around 5-7 pings everyday, just imagine that

*I dare one of you to @ macobre.

I dare you…

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My god…



wait a second-
this is illegal

No way Macobre actually posted to this


You forgot the many times I’m the one causing the chaos

Yep, did you guys forget about that?


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Hey what does this mean?

:ash_magic: squish that cat:ash_magic:

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Right now it is basically just an off topic discussion board within WOM/AO players right now.

i both envy and pity the admins of the forums

reasons for envy:

  • power

reasons for pity:

  • high amounts of pings from people telling admins to close a topic because a slight deviation in topic

@liu hi

uh oh

thats nothing compared to having every topic watching first post

@liu please close this


you’re wrong