Everyone picks on you cuz they think you're weak but in reality you're powerful. How do you reveal yourself?

  • Massacre the populations and say, “who’s laughing now?”
  • Wait for a big threat to appear then rescue everyone like some goddamn anime protagonist
  • Continue to look weak
  • Beat up a few people to show you mean business but not enough to destabilize society
  • Other (comment below)

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Hey but who is the threat?

if anything i’d probably have some sort of uh
Doppio/Diavolo relationship with like the split personality thing
so I could be like “don’t fuck with me or else the weird edgy guy will beat the shit out of you”

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could be anything, a storm, an earthquake, an angry god who breaks into the mortal realm to threaten the globe, etc

Ah yes
Wait for years :fr:

pull a luffy on jaya
unless if something actually happens idc lo

depends on where I stand in terms of powerful.

Do I far surpass anything imaginable to the point where conjoined forces would still lose? Or am i just kind of powerful as in well above average?

If I can take over the world with no real competition, then hell yeah the world is mine. Otherwise I’ll probably just chill a bit and stay out of things if I can

Your insecurities and anxiety

ignore them. leave them to their own devices

You can single handedly conquer the world, the only problem you face are probably national militaries and coalitions. Specific enough?

Simply let Karma happen

Are they powerful enough to defeat me if they join together?

No, they just scratch you a bit with guns and bombs

Then the world is mine

no reason not to


I wouldn’t dare talk back to Maco if she actually owned the world :frsleepin:

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lmao, i ain’t that scary

i’d probably just make your life laughably miserable until i feel bad

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I personally would continue to look weak until something significant happens. This way, I’d avoid lots of unnecesary attention in my life. I imagine that if I revealed everyone that I’m strong as hell, this would get me under the spotlight and that would pretty much bother me.

We all have different opinions. Also, world domination isn’t my thing, just minding my own business.

Not to mention, were I to use this ‘‘high strength’’ I’d keep my identity as a secret or never be seen. Just for the sake of avoiding attention.

which is never, right?

depends on what makes you miserable

Mein Failüre, I heavily object to this policy you propose