Everyone wants inexperienced younglings

I’m talking about deckhands, yes deckhands, totally.
But anyways the lower level they are the more possible it is to upgrade them all the way to Lenegdary in one go.

Any thoughts on this

no, my rookie deck hand require 200k to upgrade to adept while my already adept deckhand took 120k to upgrade to elite

isn’t it 500 then 1000 then 3000 then 5000, or u mean fame


well for example…

when i got her(i hope it’s a her) she was like level 30 adept deckhand while I had around 350k renown.
the multiplier for upgrades/recruitment is
level * 1000 * 1 (or 2, 4 , 7 , 10)
so if u had enough renown to upgrade ur low lvls the only thing stopping u is the money