Exiled finding team

is exiled super rare, not tracked, or just killed always wtf

server hoppers

The spawning go wack ig
I have been waiting for 15 minutes and both of the bosses don’t even spawn while the normal rate would be 2m30s per boss spawn

P/S: I did server hop 20+ times but I didn’t even find one

rip i guess i cant finish prologue

Just hope that Vetex will do something

worst part is i dont even know if im in a new server so i wait each time

I’ve seen Exiled like once
and that was my first server when the update launched
tbh I don’t think he’s that hard to find
You just gotta pray that nobody has slaughtered him yet

bruh moment i havent seen 1 ever

I still can’t find one ‘-’

oof ya’ll unlucky, we had a boss raid with minotaur and exiled we had 10 ppl the bosses we’re spawning so near